July 14, 2014

Today in the Yard

As has become the norm around here, this past weekend we spent working outside. The porch is coming along. Slowly. There was a moment this weekend when I was just sick of this project that has far exceeded it's expected timeline. And budget. And patience level. But. Then I step back.

And I see this! And where once there was a boring, nondescript house, there is now a charming cottage! Slowly but surely, one weekend at a time, a lovely home is being made. And while it is easy for me to get bogged down in the details of what is yet to be done: metal roof, paver walkway set, stair posts and handrails made, beadboard ceiling, caulking, painting and a bit more landscaping...

I'm making a point to take time to appreciate how far we've come and how much work we've (mostly him) done. I'm also making a point to spend time reading, having a margarita, visiting with neighbors and sometimes just quietly sitting on that glider with my hardworking hubby.

 This Indiana summer has been very good to us. We have gotten very lucky with the weather. Mother Nature has taken care of the watering for us which is great as we've been otherwise occupied. I'm learning as I go in this garden. I have had a tendency to get very bogged down in the rules which rendered me unable to make any decisions. I finally came to my senses and decided to do my own thing and I'm sure I'm getting a lot wrong and I already know I need to move some plants around, but I'm having so much fun with it now.

My sweet peas (Thank you nanne!), coneflowers, crape myrtle, lavender and hydrangeas are all going gang busters. As is my veg garden. For the second year in a row it is the middle of summer and I'm not even a little tired of the gardening. I think it has finally taken root deep down in my soul.

We have a cold front moving through and have more Autumn like temperatures headed our way for the next couple of days. I have plans to throw open all of the windows, light a candle, do some embroidery, bake some bread and cookies and make some braised pork chops and homemade chicken noodle soup.

The skies are darkening right now so I think it will soon be here. I better go get my tablecloth off the line and sit on the front porch to welcome the storm. This time next week there will be a metal roof over it and then there will be no better place in all the Village to enjoy a good rain.

July 09, 2014


You are enough. Just as you are right now. The imperfectly, wonderful you.

There is something about all the inspiration available to us from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and any number of other places. Sometimes I personally suffer from inspiration overload and just have to take a step back. There is always a new trend to follow, isn't there? I don't think there is anything wrong with loving a new trend. I just think that when you are chasing all the latest trends and trying to do or have what everyone else does or has, you aren't being true to you and it probably isn't making you happy. You are already enough.

Keeping up with Joneses has been taken to a whole new level now that we can see every apparently, perfect moment of someone's life. Being a mom to young children has never been so exhausting now that it seems necessary to make each moment of their lives a perfectly crafted celebration. It wears me out and I don't even have littles anymore. It's ok if you don't have a fabulous outing, perfectly styled playtime or fascinating craft planned today Momma. You are enough. Let them learn to be bored. It's actually good for them.

There seems to be an epidemic of copying what everyone else is doing, making or wearing. I think it's great to be inspired by creative people, but I also think you should use that inspiration to fuel your own creativity. Put your own spin on something. I love having my own uniquely me style. I love that you have yours. Your ideas are enough.

The other day I was taking a sewing class and getting help making the pattern fit me. The instructor asked if I was planning on losing any weight to help me choose what size to make. First off, rude! But, yes, it seems I am always planning on losing weight but I informed her I was making that skirt for just who I am today. Because I am enough. That idea was hard earned for me but it is here to stay now. This doesn't mean I don't strive to be a better person every day of my life, because I do. It just means that right here today in my house that could use a cleaning, with my half finished front porch project, in my body that could stand to lose a few pounds and with my attitude that occasionally needs adjusting...I AM ENOUGH.

Be comfortable in your own shoes. Be confident in who you are. You are amazing and unique and yes maybe a little weird, but all the better! We embrace our weirdness in this house. Break some rules! Do something different than what everyone else is doing! When people roll their eyes or question your choices, ignore them! Listen to your inner self! It doesn't matter if you don't have the perfect home, family, wardrobe, job, talents, body or life. Tune out the negativity, whether it comes from the inside or the outside and tell yourself, as many times as it takes to believe it...I AM ENOUGH.

*These pictures have little to do with this post but are happy moments from our life well lived this past week.

June 30, 2014

Small Cottage Living

Our cottage is a modest size but it's cozy and I love that we use every inch of it. In our old house we had rooms we rarely went in to. They say small homes grow tight families and I believe that to be true.

The room formerly known as Maddie's bedroom, is downstairs and is tucked away a bit off the family room. It is our guest room but also serves as den, game room, reading room, exercise room, writing room and sleepover room. One day, I fear, it will be a hanging out with the boyfriend room with door ALWAYS open, of course, and me walking by as much and loudly as possible.

A couple of weeks ago it was called into action as a sick room and is where Emma recovered from pneumonia. Always with loyal dog at her side even while she herself was recovering from dental surgery. It's been a heck of a couple of weeks around here folks. This past weekend it was a guest room for my friend Melissa and today it is a Doctor Who marathon watching room while it thunders away outside.

This space is quirky and often changing. It's a fun place for me to shift things from other rooms so it always has a fresh feel. Nothing matches. Nothing happened on purpose but it just kind of came together slowly and I find I like it that way. I have very much made an effort not to rush things in this house. I plan to be here forever. It's okay if it takes awhile to get things the way I want them.

I hope our guests are comfortable here and that they feel welcome. It's always my goal to make people feel at home, but you can bet as soon as they leave we are back in this room making ourselves comfortable!

I once proclaimed that we couldn't possibly build a house with less than 3600 finished sq ft. My Sweet Hubby thought I was crazy. And so I was. It turns out size does matter and for me a smaller home is better. I love not having to just fill space and instead getting to just use things I really love to make a home that I really love.