May 23, 2015

Loving Life

In the interest of full disclosure I feel I should tell you that I have had at least one and a half margaritas. And also, I'm a total light weight drinker so one and half margaritas for me is like a fifth of vodka for regular people. ;) Don't let that statement influence your opinion on this post. Everything I have to say tonight is 100% true, the margaritas are just the impetus behind my having the nerve to hit publish.

We are coming off of a hard week which has been the tail end of a very hard month which is wrapping up a very hard year. The take away for me is this...I love my life. Truly and completely. I love my marriage and my family and this life I am living every day. In that exact order. This isn't to say that it is perfect or everything I wish it was. I wish we had less debt. I wish I was 20 pounds lighter. I wish we could travel more. I wish there was more time in the day. I wish my calendar wasn't so full. I wish my Sweet Man wasn't so tired when he comes home from work. I wish, I wish, I wish. Sometimes we let what we wish was reality affect the way we feel about today. About this moment. Or maybe that's just me.

But here's the thing. Love the life you have right now! And if that is just not possible then make some changes so that it is. Love yourself where you are right now. We are all a work in progress! We started this day watching the sunrise on the stone wall behind our house and ended it tonight with a little date night. We dropped our girl at a friends house and picked up the makings for dinner at our Village market. We came home and cooked together and had a romantic dinner on the front porch. I couldn't help but feel completely and utterly content. Despite all the unperfectness. Focusing on the good always makes all the difference for me.

I also couldn't help but play a little game of what if. Our entire life, all of our today, is built on making brave, difficult choices. This life did not just magically fall into place for us but I cannot even imagine what our lives would be if we had not done the work that was required to get us where we are right now. The hard stuff makes me appreciate the good stuff. The hard choices and work make this life that much sweeter. And if you look around, really look, there is so much good stuff to be thankful for.

So that's enough of my tipsy ramblings. I just want to leave you with this thought, I totally called first peony to bloom! Now go live and love your life!

May 15, 2015

Drawstring Bag Project

At any given time, I have countless projects in my head. My mind is a busy, colorful place. I try to write the ideas down so I don't lose them, but some refuse to be forgotten no matter what. This is one of those projects.

At some point I bought something that came in this drawstring bag. I couldn't even tell you what it was. I do know that from the first moment I got it, I knew I had to use this bag in a project.

I picked out some fabrics I like (the top two are the fabrics I used for the front and back of Maddie's pillow). I eyeballed the size and ripped a large enough piece of the blue fabric to cover the entire piece so the black graphic wouldn't show through the lighter fabrics. Then I ripped the other two fabrics creating this look. Seriously, I hate cutting fabric. I never get it straight enough for my perfectionist tendencies. Also, ripping fabric is therapeutic. Go try it. Instant stress reliever.

I sewed the fabrics together, layering as I went, cut out a large flower from another fabric (using stabilizer on the fabric) and stitched it to a crocheted doily and then stitched that onto the fabric piece. Then I embroidered my initials on the corner of the bag (mostly so neither of my children would steal the bag from me) and then sewed the entire fabric piece to the drawstring bag.

I hope my instructions were clear. Let me know if you have any questions! It was so fun and crazy easy. I will probably use it as a project bag. Or for packing things I want to keep separate on trips. Or both. For now I'm just happy to look at it hanging there by the door. I've got a similar tote project that won't get out of my head that I want to do soon with a really nice heavy tote I got free at West Elm when our store first opened. I'll be sure to share that one too!  I'm wishing I had about 10 extra hours in every day. Plus a maid, chef and chauffeur. There's no telling what I could get done then! Have a creative weekend!