October 06, 2015

Listening to the Stillness

The house is quiet this morning. It's just me for the first time in a week. A four day weekend spent with the one who loves me best. Chilly weather, the first fire, lunch on Main Street, letter writing, book shopping, a birthday dinner for Maddie's guy, breakfast at Cracker Barrel, sitting on the porch, naps, football, knitting, reading. All things that make my heart sing.

And now the quiet. I need the quiet. A primal need. The foggy morning. The soft autumn light making the house feel even cozier than normal.

I come home from making the school run and throw the ball for the dog. I think the view from our backyard has never been prettier than at this very moment.

I come inside and mean to make my breakfast. A cup of chai will be just the thing. I get distracted straightening up the house, making tidy all the corners that get messy during the weekend. I know it is Tuesday but it feels like Monday. I'm practicing mindfulness as I go along, something I've really started to incorporate into my life. I especially like to start my week off with a little reminder to be present as much as possible. Mindful Mondays. A way to remember to find the joy and to fill myself with gratitude. I am thankful for this day.

I pick up the camera because it helps me memorize a moment. For as long as I can remember, I've been taking mental snapshots of perfect moments in my life that I just knew I always wanted to remember. My first boat ride as a little girl- the way the boat's motor made the frothy water look like a fountain soda, the smell of the air whipping my hair around my head. My grandmother pressing my grandfather's shirts- the smell of the spray starch and the way she would hang them from the top of the door frame as she finished each one. But now I have my camera and my words and no longer have to rely solely on my senses to do the work.

There is nothing like a morning. All the possibilities of the day ahead of you. I have a mountain of ironing that needs to be done, an upstairs that needs to be cleaned. I don't know how much of that I will do today. I did too much yesterday and I feel inclined to use that as an excuse to spend my time more creatively. But then I chide myself for feeling like I need to justify my choice. I'm sure this day would be better spent in the studio than marking chores off my to do list. Maybe today's to do list should read: make something, read something, listen to some beautiful music, feed your soul.

September 28, 2015

The Great Escape

This past July when my nieces came to visit we temporarily rearranged our guest room which had originally been set up with a daybed and trundle. We brought in our old iron bed to give each girl their own separate space for the week. We ended up liking it so much that we didn't want to go back to the way it had been.

I have always wanted a room with two twin beds. I remember visiting my sister-in-law many years ago and she had a guest room set up that way and  I was a tiny bit jealous that Maddie got to sleep in there! I had always assumed that our guestroom was too small to accommodate this set up but it actually works great.

Maybe it isn't quite large enough but we love it and we think it's cozy which is, of course, a word we owners of small homes use a lot to make small seem more charming. 

We, meaning my very talented guy, turned our old iron bed into two headboards. You can see what the iron bed looked like before here. If you look closely you will notice that the headboard on the left is shorter than the one on the right because it is actually the footboard! That adds quirkiness which is, of course, a word we owners of old homes use a lot to to make things that don't match or make sense seem more charming.

I enjoyed paying attention to the details in this room and thinking about what I would want as a guest.

I like to spoil my guests. I love to take care of people. I tend to refer to our home as the Kershner B & B but without the awkward, forced social interaction. Ok, actually there are no guarantees that you will avoid that.

I found this little yellow cabinet at Target and it fit perfectly and the color was perfect in that spot. I've recently noticed that quite by accident, yellow seems to be popping up in my house quite a bit. It seems sometimes only yellow will do.

A little extra storage is always nice. It's also good to be prepared for middle of the night idea jotting and candle burning.

The most important information a guest might need, aside from what time breakfast is served!

I did this project on a budget. Really the money I got for selling the daybed pretty much paid for everything that happened in here. Low budget/high reward. I can hardly walk by this room without wanting to fall onto that bed. The one on the left. Emma has already claimed the one on the right. She calls this room her vacation cottage. She moves in here most afternoons and weekends. It's her go to spot for watching movies, reading, doing homework, writing, eating popcorn, dreaming, playing games and hanging out. It's good to be Emma! It's nice for her because she is doing her own thing in her own space and it's nice for us because she is close by and not holed up in her room a floor away. I really truly love living in a smaller home.

**Thank you for all of your kindness in my last post. I'm so happy we could have such an in depth conversation about our underthings! ;) I really appreciate all of the good wishes you sent my way. I plan to continue my slow and steady improvement and am celebrating the fact that we went two Sundays in a row without a hospital stay!! I'm gonna keep that streak going.