January 28, 2015

This One Goes Out to the One I Love

Today my guy celebrates his 45th birthday. I'm so thankful that he is the person I get to spend my life with. This past weekend we were talking about our beginning, about how clueless, in love and full of faith we were that this was the right thing. Many people said it wouldn't last. I don't even blame them. There are so many reasons it shouldn't have. Except that we wanted it to and we have always worked together to make sure that it does.

It turns out I barely loved him when we got married. I mean, I thought I was mad for him but compared to what we have now, that was just skimming the surface. We have been through so much. SO much. And through each challenge and heartache we come out stronger. We put our marriage first. Period. Our children don't suffer for it. They benefit from it.

I am married to my best friend. A man who is difficult to anger, supports all of my crazy ideas, truly loves me unconditionally and shows me with his words and actions and who responds to my multiple failings with such grace and love that even as I type this tears well up in my eyes.

He always asks me what he did to deserve me but I think the real question is what did I do to deserve him?

Happy Birthday my dearest, sweetest love. May we celebrate 50 more together.

(Photos by my girl Teresa at Meadowbrook Farm)

January 26, 2015

Monday Morning

It is quiet around here this morning. The dishwasher and washing machine are running, providing a hum in the background. You've Got Mail is playing and Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox are keeping me company while all the people I love the most are doing their own Monday morning things.

The sun is streaming in the windows casting a glow that holds the promise of spring and some of us are trying to soak it all up. On Saturday I heard the birds singing their gleeful songs but then on Sunday it snowed. Just when I think it might be too early to get excited, the geese fly overhead honking their wonderful greetings and I think, hello friends! You are back early! I hope that means you know something I don't know! When it comes to spring I always think in exclamations.

I have much to do today. I already can't imagine organizing my life without my Day Designer and while I hesitated to spend that much money on a planner, I will not hesitate next year. I'm now much better at  prioritizing and using my time wisely. There is still room for improvement but it is so much better than this past fall. Maybe that's part of why I've been away from here lately. I'm also getting better at making time to be creative as long as I get the less than fun things done first thing in the day. I'm working hard towards taking time for myself without guilt. I read this the other day "Choosing to make time to read a book or do a craft or pursue a passion is not idle. It is not unworthy." Yes! I needed that.

I have so many projects in various stages of doing or planning. A baby blanket, another baby gift, an embroidered pillow for Maddie, a birthday gift for a friend, Emma's birthday party, a bathroom renovation and Valentine's Day projects. I'm not as good at multitasking as I was back in my working days but hopefully it will all come together in the next few weeks.

Am I the only one in nesting mode lately? I'm fairly certain the purchase of this banquette for our dining room set me off. I had my eye on it for a long time and I'll tell you I found it impossible to pass it by at 65% off. I now find myself hunting for a new dining room light, two upholstered chairs as well as a new rug for our family room to replace the seagrass one that is currently unraveling a bit more each time I vacuum it. And also if the perfect wood dining room table (with a leaf) presented itself to me, I wouldn't turn it away. The problem is, because this is my forever house, I sometimes have a hard time making decisions. I get mired down in the research and options or the exactly perfect vision of a particular item in my head, which, in reality doesn't exist.

I love that every room in our house makes me happy and invites me in and makes me want to spend time in it. Not a single room is completely finished but it doesn't seem to put a dent in my happiness. I can't believe we bought this house almost four hears ago! I also can't believe how much we've done to it in that time. There is no other place in my entire life that has felt like this home does to me. It's the least perfect home I've ever owned. And also the most perfect. I hope your Monday is full of creativity and promise.

January 09, 2015

The Goings On Around These Parts

 Have you ever seen a more photogenic dog?

I've had mixed feelings about this week. For one thing it's been cold. Brutally cold. But really I'm fine with that. Right up until the moment I have to take off my flannel pajamas and leave the house. I always like to get back to a routine after a vacation but we had two hour delays for school Tuesday and Wednesday and a cancellation for Thursday. It's a little hard to get back to a routine that way. On the one hand it's been nice to ease back into it but on the other hand that makes it awfully hard to get much done and my hopes of getting lots of studio time have been dashed.

I have managed to be semi productive though. If rearranging bookshelves and writing out recipes is productive. I love this recipe tin that Maddie got me for Christmas. I've had a computer lose all of my recipes before so I now feel a need to have them in multiple places. This is reserved for the tried and true family favorites. I love writing them out long hand and hope that my girls will consider them treasures one day. Well, Maddie will. Since in the 8 years between Maddie being in 3rd grade and Emma being in 3rd grade, someone decided cursive was irrelevant. What? I personally thing hashtags and lol speak are irrelevant but whatevs. That's modern talk for whatever. I'm feeling a little sassy today. Can you tell? I'm a little worried for my guy when he gets home!

This week was more about getting things back in order after the holidays and that's fine too. I love a clean house. I do not love to clean though. Apparently you can't have the 1st unless you do the 2nd so I try to make the job as enjoyable as possible. For me that means using cleaning supplies that I love, lighting a candle and putting on some good singing music + singing L-O-U-D! I find it's best (for the neighbors) if I clean with the windows closed. Also I split the cleaning into 2 days, upstairs one day and downstairs the next. Because there are other more important things to do in a day.

I have still been finding a bit of time every day to do something creative. For instance, I turned the calendar pages from last years kitchen calendar into file folders, well except for my two favorites that I hung on the wall in the studio. I love that I will get to enjoy these for a long time like this. I have gotten more emails and comments about that calendar in the last year than just about anything else (it's from 1Canoe2) except maybe the color of my front door (it's Sherwin Williams Aqueduct). Luckily the calendar had an extra page that can stay up all year and they also have refills which I might have to get next year.

Today I braved the Arctic Tundra to get groceries and stop by the yarn shop for supplies. There is a special baby on it's way to our family next month and I plan on welcoming him in style. I have been making it a point to knit from my yarn stash (in the dough bowl) for the last year and have avoided the yarn shop at all costs. Unfortunately I did not have the proper yarn for this project and had no other choice. This is what I'm telling myself, anyway. Also, unfortunately, on top of the skeins of yarn I needed for my project, 7 skeins from the sale bin found their way home with me. But since they were 40% off they don't count against me. I'm sure that's the way it works. Plus. The colors. So there's that.

As you can imagine it took forever for the nice ladies to wind my twelve skeins of yarn so I sat in the front of the store with a group of older ladies that were knitting. I love my elders. I always have. If you haven't spent some time lately listening to a group of older ladies talking about life, you are missing out. Plus since 1/2 of my face was looking especially old to me this morning (don't ask) it was kind of nice to be around ladies who thought I was young.

Happy weekend to all of you. We have a frigid weekend ahead of us so I feel a movie/knitting marathon coming on.